4 Ways of IT Modernization

4 Ways of IT Modernization [Infographic]

What suits best when? Migration, new development, standard software or outsourcing: four ways of IT modernization – graphically visualized for you.

The travel industry has probably been one of the first industries using IT primarily in order to create bookings and deal with the rise of air travel. No surprise that a lot of legacy systems are still around. Core business processes such as GDS or CRS to most extent still run on mainframes as they are reliable and fast though expensive to maintain.

Several systems will probably never be renewed because they are too mission critical. Others will be migrated as a result of mergers and acquisitions (e.g. United/Continental Airlines, American/US Airlines) and take years of planning and execution. Changing the CRS is also in the news from time to time (migration from Navitaire to Sabresonic or Altea for instance).

But besides those megasystems there are also countless other legacy systems still operational in our industry and once in a while it is valuable to take a closer look and see how such systems can be modernized to reduce operational costs, allow more flexibility and maintainability or combine platforms. Enjoy this listing of your choices to renew your IT infrastructure.

Legacy systems have no future

In his first press conference at the end of last year, John Cryan, the new head of Deutsche Bank said: “We have lousy systems.” What he meant was: Our systems are outdated, years of outsourcing have made us lose control, and we have to cope with a wild clutter of different operating systems.

Many companies face the same situation as the Deutsche Bank. In order to implement their internal digital agenda, they first have to clean up their IT. As you can look at it whatever way you want: legacy systems have no future in the medium term. However, before cleaning up, you have to find the right leverage: Cleaning up, re-modelling, or even throwing away components and buying new ones? Applying these different concepts to an IT environment, we get four key options of IT modernization:

  • Migration
  • New development
  • Implementation of standard software
  • Outsourcing

4 Ways of IT Modernization [Infographic]


No analysis, no IT modernization

Risk, costs, strategic orientation, dependencies on legacy systems, resources – which modernization approach to choose depends on various parameters. Quite often it is a combination of methods that leads to success. Whichever way you decide for, a thorough analysis must always be the basic requirement for any IT modernization.


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