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Miami based PASS Consulting Corporation provides users with easy access to the diverse content and data of the travel industry. The PASS Solution World Travel offers a huge array of building blocks and components which, in accordance with the individual requirements of our clients, can easily be customized into one travel technology application. All our services, regardless whether they are part of the content aggregation, booking or post-booking process, can therefore be deployed independently. This in return offers our clients great flexibility in the fast changing market place of today.

PASS Consulting’s customer base includes the world’s most successful TMC’s, businesses, GDSs and technology providers. Among these: BCD Travel, Dnata, Travix, DER, Amsalem, Atriis, IBS, MSC, On Call International, Omega World Travel, The Travel Authority, Airtrade, Morris MurdockTravel, Lufthansa CityCenter, E-Travel &Amadeus One, Hewlett-Packard, nuTravel, Travelport, Emirates, Farelogix, International SOS, MEDEX, Starcite, SureWare, TravTech, Lufthansa, vayama.com, Hotelexpress.com, Sandals & Beaches, Vail Resorts, swifttrip.com and Costa Cruise Lines. PASS has also helped Cheaptickets.com, ARC and Navigant (a Carlson Wagonlit Travel company) to become a leading provider of travel related services.

PASS Consulting Group

Founded in 1981, PASS Consulting Group employs more than 700 people and has built up a highly respected high-growth IT consulting business based on strong project management and integration skills. This implies a competitive advantage in terms of productivity.

We strive to improve our customers’ competitive strength and productivity by implementing effective business solutions based on the most appropriate new technologies. Our main vertical markets are in Banking, Insurance, Logistics, Sales, Technologies, Telco and Travel.

Our professional working methodology is focused on IT Strategy Consulting as well as the complete set of Integrated Consulting Services: We encompass the entire implementation process and project life cycle – ranging from studies & analysis over the development of complete business models to the implementation of individual IT applications and their introduction to the market.

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Michael Strauss

Michael Strauss is the CEO of Miami-based PASS Consulting Corporation & Head of Business Unit Travel Worldwide. He has been the driver behind PASS’s success and continued growth in the travel and telecommunications industries. Michael started his professional career in 1993 at Siemens Mobile Germany as a developer for cordless phone systems. He soon was in charge for product development and strategic relationships with leading customers. Later he was responsible for both strategic market and trend analysis for Siemens’ cell phone network division and worked closely with the Siemens executive leadership team.

In 2000, Michael Strauss joined PASS Germany, where he developed and managed the telecommunications division. In 2004 he was named CEO of PASS North America and at the same time Head of the Business Unit Travel. Since then Michael has been instrumental in scaling PASS’s technology solutions while maintaining a culture of innovation within the company.

Michael holds a Masters degree in Engineering and Information Technology from the Technical University of Munich.

PASS Consulting Corporation
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