Laura Kempf

Laura Kempf

Laura Kempf has worked at PASS as an Innovation Consultant in the area of Business & Strategies since 2016. She is in charge of the entire market research process for creating PASS studies, from their conception and methodical development, all the way through to the presentation. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in social economics and a Master’s degree in Marketing at the University of Nuremberg, she first began working for a food manufacturer: As a project manager in the area of media & communications, she performed market research and branded a new product line.

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Google Focuses on Artificial Intelligence

As Far as the Eye Can Reach: Google Focuses on Artificial Intelligence

At the Google I/O developer conference that took place in mid-May, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced to around 7,000 guests nothing less than a change of course towards artificial intelligence. But the company’s objectives remain virtually unchanged: to collect data and win over new customers.

The topic dominating the conference: intelligence, or more specifically, artificial intelligence (AI). With the help of AI, devices will understand their users in the future even better than before, making their lives much easier. Continue reading