PASS Consulting Broadens Relationship with BCD Travel

PASS Consulting and BCD Travel, the world’s third-largest travel management company, today announced a broadened relationship that expands BCD Travel’s capability to offer speech-recognition services, route calls to agents with specialized skills and offer other services that lower costs and boost efficiency for corporate travel programs.

Under the multiyear renewal agreement, BCD Travel is using the PASS XX/1 Multi-GDS Hub as a supplier gateway for its transactional platform, called the Source Platform.

The PASS XX/1, a certified XML API, enables BCD Travel to connect to all major global distribution systems through a single interface. It also allows direct connections to other suppliers of travel inventory.

Reliability, stability and security were key criteria in BCD Travel’s selection of XX/1 as a number of client-specific applications connect to the Source Platform. “PASS Consulting provides a stable, secure, unbiased technology suite that complements our own technologies and vision,” said Hilton Sturisky, BCD Travel’s senior vice president of Information & Communications technology. “By connecting multiple GDSes into a single interface, we can target new strategic opportunities while streamlining operations.”

“We are extremely pleased to enhance our longstanding relationship with BCD Travel, which continues to bring significant benefits to both of our organizations and to the industry,” states Michael Strauss, CEO of Miami Beach-based PASS Consulting. Since PASS hosts the XX/1 application in its data center, it was essential that the PASS environment undergo an extensive security assessment.

“The successful completion of the security assessment and the continued compliance with industry standards is a critical aspect of the services we provide,” Strauss said. “It demonstrates that PASS is maintaining a secure environment for our business partners. We are proud that some of the world’s largest travel management companies can rely on PASS technology.”

About BCD Travel:

As a leading provider of global corporate travel management, BCD Travel simplifies and streamlines the business of travel. This benefits our client’s organization on every level: from the bottom-line to the business traveler. BCD Travel operates in more than 90 countries on five continents, with US$14 billion in total sales and a combined worldwide work force in excess of 13,000. BCD Travel is a BCD Holdings N.V. company.

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