PASS Consulting Successfully Supplies nuTravel with GDS-Connectivity

Under a multiyear agreement, nuTravel has been using Travel Technology Provider PASS Consulting to access GDS inventory via its certified XX/1 multi-GDS transaction server.

In a recent interview with The Beat’s Jay Campbell, nuTravel President & CEO Carmine Carpanzano pointed out the importance of pooling resources with third party technology providers in order for businesses to be cost-effective.

“We’re an authorized developer of all the GDSs we work with, but PASS is our gateway to the GDSs. That keeps infrastructure costs low because we don’t need a specialist for every GDS, or someone sitting here dealing with the adaptors that change constantly,” said Carpanzano.

PASS XX/1 compiles information and puts it into the easy-to-use XML data exchange format. GDS access via XX/1 also helps improving both, the number of required user accounts of the GDSs as well as the number of accesses of the GDS subject to fees. The segment bookings can be bundled as well. This benefits medium-sized and small agencies in particular, as attractive segment booking figures are achieved which facilitate good incentives.

Those who communicate with GDS have to be flexible and stay up-to-date on the new requirements of the major data providers. This creates work and costs that are actually unnecessary. Time, effort and money are much better invested in focusing on the role and value you create in the value chain. We are just the professionals when it comes to Multi-GDS connectivity. Let us solve the challenges that arise.

Just take the new Amadeus webservice or Travelport’s Universal API. We take care of those transitions. In addition, our customers do not have to pay the large amount for a developer’s license to the GDS’s. PASS and nuTravel have had a long and strong partnership and we are very pleased to have the opportunity to provide them with our best possible service in the future.

Image by leungchopan

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