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Economic Impact of Tourism

The Economic Impact Of Tourism

The tourism industry is known for the many economic benefits it can bring to a country.

It does not only create jobs, but also lead to a better cultural understanding and improvement of the infrastructure. Tourism generated sales, employment, taxes and many other factors do have a great economic impact and effect the GDP noticeably. Our colleagues from recently created an interesting research graphic which I would like to share with you. Continue reading 


The Effect Of The Economic Crisis On The (Asian) Travel Industry

After the economic crisis revealed in September 2008 the issues affecting the travel industry were already discussed at the ITB Berlin 2009 and many predictions were made.

Since the crisis is not over yet, it was also widely discussed during this year’s convention. Following Martin Buck’s contribution within the framework of the convention, that can be accessed through the summary “Trends and Issues in Global Tourism 2010”, this article addresses the influence of the financial crisis on travel and tourism in Asia. Continue reading