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Is Lufthansa Serious Or Just Negotiating? Why a Few Direct Connect Bookings Will Save Millions

If you were following the travel news last week, you have probably already heard about the big Lufthansa news. Starting on the 1st of September, all airlines of the Lufthansa group are going to add a 16€ fee to every booking made via GDS.

The “Distribution Cost Charge” affects Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Swiss International Airlines, but will not be added to tickets purchased through their own website, airline ticket counters or service centers. Continue reading 


2010 vs. 2015: Is 6% The Magic Number For Corporate Travel Growth?

Last week we were talking about corporate travel expenses and how to manage them in the most effective way without spending thousands of dollars on pricey software. Since the corporate travel volume is constantly growing, it is time to have a closer look at some facts about U.S. travel spending in the past, as well as projections for 2015.

When I published my book about the developments in travel distribution back in 2010, I took a closer look at the U.S. travel market in one of the first chapters.
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Ancillary Fee Disclosure – Even Airlines Will Benefit

On their journey towards deciding on whether or not to implement governmental regulation for displaying ancillary fees throughout the whole airline ticket booking process the Department of Transportation (DOT) is currently consulting several different industry players.

Sabre recently demonstrated their pricing policy at a hearing hosted by the DOT. Their travel agent desktop solution enables customers to book tickets as well as other ancillary services which make all carriers’ fairs and fees comparable.

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The Travel Industry: Only Those Open To Change Will Reap The Rewards

From a technological point of view, the travel industry is not the hunter, but the hunted. Innovations are neither fostered nor developed to the necessary extent. Suppliers, distributors, travel management companies, but also technology providers are partially to blame for this. However, new concepts can help the travel industry to reduce costs, master crises and offer better products.

The long term future of the travel industry is secure. Due to progressive globalization, the demand for mobility will continue to grow in the future as well, and video conferences will not change this. Continue reading