PASS XX/1: Multi-GDS Access Products

It is not just hospitality and travel companies which are interested in the XX/1 transaction server. Its multi-GDS capability means that it is the ideal product for automated quality assurance of large booking volumes.

PASS XX/1 supplies the single point of entry to all global distribution systems (GDSs). What’s more, using modern technology PASS XX/1 simultaneously integrates direct providers, low-cost airlines, back- office systems and proprietary product databases such as hotel programs. During this process, PASS XX/1 compiles information and puts it into the easy-to-use XML data exchange format.

Companies which use specialist travel services on a large scale can use quality assurance to optimize their travel booking significantly. They can analyze recent bookings to see whether the best offer was selected or whether travel guidelines were adhered to. Generally, companies ask travel companies to perform this quality assurance. They are given technical access to the booking records as a basis for their evaluations.

The service provider will generate a comprehensive report for his client. The PNRs are located on the GDS. To carry out the various quality assurance projects for this customers, the service provider has to access data from different GDS. This is where the use of XX/1 with its multi-GDS capability offers major advantages and saves costs. It allows the provider to access the booking records from different GDS via a unified interface. Instead of different applications for the various GDS he only needs one single application. The high performance of XX/1 is a further major advantage.

Companies handling fulfillment and invoicing will also be able to use the advantages of XX/1. It allows them to view the PNRs of their customers and to invoice them correspondingly. XX/1 is of course also able to supply systems for follow-up processes with the necessary data.

The largest assistance service provider accesses its customers’ GDS data via PASS XX/1 in order to get all the executive management travel of 4 out of 5 Fortune 100 companies, thus ensuring that the leaders of the major global companies travel safely to their destinations and back. The updating of vaccinations for crisis areas as well as the provision of optimal safety guidelines via e-mail are only a small portion of their services.

Thus, there are practically no limits to the conceivable uses of PASS XX/1. Hence, for use in the field of mobile travel, PASS XX/1 is an ideal centralized gateway to all travel content for flights, hotels and rental cars.

Image by Maksim Kabakou

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