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RIM, Nokia And The Fight For Market Shares

Ever since Google and Apple entered the market, well-established manufacturers of mobile phones struggle to keep their market shares. In order to survive in the market, RIM and Nokia take different approaches to differentiate themselves from the competition.

To strengthen its position among business travelers, one of its main target groups, Research in Motion, the company behind BlackBerry, has just launched a new travel app called Blackberry Travel. Continue reading 


Google and Apple as Travel Revolutionists?

Apple has been reportedly working on an NFC-based (Near Field Communications) iPhone application called iTravel enabling airline check-in and baggage identification, advanced electronic ID, car rentals, hotel and airline reservations, etc.

After Google also announced in April to be in negotiations to acquire ITA Software there seem to be signs for a revolution in the travel sector. It seems like these giants of digital business want to conquer the travel market, however, in somewhat different ways. Continue reading 


Work & Play: The Apple iPad For Travel?

While on the road corporate travelers need to be able to access email, keep up with news and do research on the web, update and maintain websites and upload content to various platforms such as Flickr and Facebook. At first sight, the iPad appears to be the ideal on-the-go device for work and play.

Supposed to be an in-between solution of notebook and smart phone, the iPad could free travelers from the need to haul books, magazines and newspapers on their trips. But it is far more than an eBook reader. There are several reasons travelers might like to carry this lightweight electronic equipment while they are on the road and experts look at the iPad as the next big thing for mobile computing.
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