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GDSs, Airlines and Ancillary Services: The DOT Defers Once Again its Decision

As reported by The Beat Blog, The U.S. Transportation Department (DOT) once more postponed to November 2012, its decision on whether requiring or not airlines to distribute their ancillary service content through the Global Distribution Systems companies (GDSs).

DOT’s spokesman confirmed: “We intend to issue our new proposed airline consumer rule late fall of this year. Because there are complex issues being addressed in this rule making, additional time is needed for this analysis.” Continue reading 


DOT Defers Its Decision on Requiring Airlines to Display Ancillary Fees In GDS

The public battle between airlines and GDS about direct connects in general and the display of ancillary services in particular has taken its next step when the DOT finally examined whether airlines should be required to make ancillary services data available through the GDSs.

An official decision on this topic would have a dramatic impact on both. airlines, GDSs and the consumers. And since there is at this point not enough information to decide whether requiring the airlines to provide their ancillary services data to the GDSs leads to more transparency for the consumer, the DOT decided to defer its decision. Continue reading