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Uber in Germany after all?

In brief: Uber in Germany after all?

A German magazine reports that politics may pave the way for ground transportation intermediaries such as Uber, Lyft etc. to legally challenge the legacy taxi monopoly in Germany – the largest travel market in Europe.

Laws from the 1960s or even 1930s are not appropriate for innovation as part of the digital age. Some laws protect an industry that failed to innovate over years. Also, chauffeur driven ride sharing is currently not allowed in Germany, even though it would relieve heavily congested road significantly. Continue reading 


Will Uber Soon Deliver Amazon Packages – Replacing UPS?

I heard some interesting theories today which made me think. Will Uber eventually deliver Amazon packages? Uber definitely revolutionized ground transportation. Challenges were mastered easily and instead of fighting back, fines were paid leaving the competition win in court but not on the street.

Sounds familiar? Correct – Amazon and Uber share some common tactics. So why not join forces and let private people deliver packages to your home? Maybe deliveries with drones were a bit futuristic, but cut down delivery times to hours with private drivers seems pretty realistic. Do you think UPS is nervous? Continue reading 


The Day Uber Introduced the Panic Button In India and Annoyed Taxi Drivers All Around the World

It almost seems like Uber’s risk management department read my previous article about the missing safety arrangements for travelers using the controversial transportation service.

That’s why I was more than surprised when I checked my Twitter timeline last week and saw the big news: Uber is launching two new security features, the “panic button” and the “safety net”, which allow riders to immediately call for help and inform up to five people in case of an emergency. Continue reading 


Uber: Why a Driver’s License and 4 Doors Can’t Guarantee Safety for Travelers

“Do you take a cab sometimes?” I randomly asked one of my employees this morning. “Actually not”, she replied, slightly confused. “It is too expensive!”.

Interesting, I thought to myself, while I walked back into my office and tried to make a list in my head of all the things I do expect from a good transportation service. It should be safe, reliable and bring me from point A to point B for a reasonable price, that much was clear. Continue reading