Will Uber Soon Deliver Amazon Packages – Replacing UPS?

Will Uber eventually deliver Amazon packages? Uber definitely revolutionized ground transportation.

Sounds familiar? Correct – Amazon and Uber share some common tactics. So why not join forces and let private people deliver packages to your home? Maybe deliveries with drones were a bit futuristic, but cut down delivery times to hours with private drivers seems pretty realistic. Do you think UPS is nervous?

Will Amazon Acquire Uber?

Amazon is valued at $175 billion, annual loss $241 million, Uber is valued at $41 billion, but are they profitable? Another commonality they share. So that may make some think “why pay for deliveries if you can acquire a service that also operates in the industry we (Amazon) just started (travel) “. In 2014, Amazon received $3 billion in shipping fees but spent almost $7 billion on transportation costs. Cutting down these costs will leave some cash for acquisitions.

But then there is Google. Google says their biggest competition is not Apple or any other tech firm but Amazon ,as Amazon has the direct reach to the consumers.

And then who is the biggest shareholder at Uber? Yes, it’s Google. So this is how the big boys gamble with their money to disrupt industries as well as companies established over decades. However, no sympathy from my side: You need to evolve to survive and nothing worse than preventing innovation – it is just amazing how quickly a business which has been around for decades can be set upside down in months with the technology in today’s world.

Whoever wonders where this whole technology gets us – I don’t know, but just take a look where it came from: Louis C.K. – Everything is amazing and nobody is happy, respectively we live in an amazing world and it is wasted on the crappiest generation of spoiled idiots.

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