Successful Travel Management with PASS Solutions

The PASS XX/1 transaction server offers access to all GDSs (Amadeus, Sabre, Abacus, Galileo/Apollo/Worldspan) as standard.

If required, XX/1 will also use alternative distribution channels, thus completing our product range withprices obtained directly from the airlines, hotels, rental car companies, railways and evenWeb fares. Providers of travel content thushave convenient access to the entire range oftravel products and services on offer via a singleinterface. Thus XX/1 displays the various data formats of the individual distribution systems via a uniform interface that uses the industry standard XML.

This means that ac lient system that accesses content via PASS XX/1 only needs to understand this metalanguage.This reduces our customers’ developmentcosts by more than 75 percent and maintenance costs are eliminated almost completely. The optional TourAvail interface is particularly popular in Germany, as it allows travel providers to add scheduled flights to theirpackage deals. The session management of XX/1 provides customers with optimized connections so that they don’t have to worry about keep-alive activities.

All transactions with back-end systems are compressed and encrypted. Terminal addresses are collected in a meta-pool andallocated only as required. The modular design as well as the graphic integration and monitoring tools ensure easy operation. This modularityf acilitates the development of further interfaces for any system, for example as links to additional back-office applications or businesspartners.

Even complicated interface scenarios can be implemented very quickly. XX/1 is available for Windows as well as UNIX/Linux platforms. The connection to the partner system or front-end application ensuesv ia Web services, which prevents protocol and technological problems. PASS XX/1 is operatedat the client’s site or as a hosted solution at the PASS data center.

Image by Sergej Nivens

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