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Travel industry disruption

Ready For Disruption: How Travelers Are Changing The Travel Industry

In the last years, technologies have advanced and outdated business models have been replaced or updated. This so called disruption is shaping the future of travel – not just technologically, but also economically, geographically and socially.

The survey makes clear that personalization and mobile are two important areas of the travel industry and will experience the most disruption. Continue reading 


Reasons for the Growing Importance of the Mobile Internet: Mobile Browser vs. App

The initially quoted report by not just indicated that mobile internet usage was higher than internet access by desktop PCs, but that accessing the internet by use of mobile apps has exceeded both, stationary and mobile browser internet access.

This trend is not really surprising when looking at the amount of apps available on the two major app stores, Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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Reasons for the Growing Importance of the Mobile Internet: Daily Life and Travel

Welcome to a three part series on the growing importance of the Mobile Internet. The first part will focus on Mobile vs. Desktop Internet.

Looking at a recent report by indicating that mobile Internet access has overtaken desktop Internet access for the U.S. the question arises of how big the impact of mobile Internet really is.Various sources have already reported this happening for countries like China and India. Continue reading 


First Green Screen Mobile Booking Application Launched

Tnooz recently reported on a green screen mobile booking application developed by Mobile Travel Technologies for the GDS Abacus. It is the first time that a green screen and mobile booking have been combined. This is interesting insofar as green screens are just the opposite of what could be considered an innovation.

They use the same cryptic, DOS-like commands agents have been using 20 years ago and yet – or maybe therefore – they are extremely popular among travel agents. It seems, for many travel agents green screens are more efficient and faster to handle than modern GUIs (Graphical User Interface).
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Travel Booking Going Completely Mobile Soon?

With more than 50% of the public using in the US being smart phones and 3G networks, the basis for this travel booking scenario has already been established and time seems right for a complete switch of booking to users’ cell phones.

In addition the number of advantages of mobile booking tools seems to be infinite. Not only will users have more choices with regard to their used equipment. They will also be more independent in terms of time and location, being able to make changes on the go. Continue reading 


Our Top Five Augmented Reality Browsers for Travel

In response to a couple of latest opinions on and due to increasing interest in Augmented Reality (AR) in general this article sets out a list of recently launched applications which are already quite widespread and rejoice in a relatively broad user group.

Theoretically, all is ‘reality’ and all can be augmented with meta-data, but what is an understandable definition? Wikipedia (01/05/2010) defines Augmented Reality (AR) according to Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishino (1994) as “a continuum that spans from the real environment to a pure virtual environment”. Continue reading