Is There Any Kind of Progress in the Travel Industry?

Even though technologies won’t replace travel; there are some challenges the travel industry has to face. Natural catastrophes, terrorist attacks and economic fluctuations are just some of them.

So what about the current travel experience? This will be the focus for today.

Do you still remember how it felt to fly somewhere in the 90s? And if yes, do you see some major differences to the experiences you make today? Not really, I guess. What changed? Of course, some airlines offer Wi-Fi and you will find more planes with your own screen and a better selection of movies.

But are there really things that changed as dramatically as they did for example in the telecommunications industry? Today you find the greatest smartphones instead of huge and heavy mobile phones with hardly other possibilities than to call or text anybody.

The travel industry seems to be more comfortable blocking innovations or at least see them very critically. Agencies often still work with computer programs characterized by cryptic commands and archaic interfaces. This is especially a disadvantage for younger employees, who are used to graphical user interfaces (GUI).

An ongoing technological progress should always be accompanied by innovation and that is what is strongly suggested for the travel industry. This seems to be the only way, how it will be possible to face the challenges of the globalized world with all its new technologies.

I guess you find this topic at least as interesting as I think it is. So please stay tuned for more facts about the travel industry.

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