Michael Strauss

Michael Strauss

Michael Strauss is the CEO of Miami-based PASS Consulting Corporation. He has been the driver behind PASS's success and continued growth in the travel and telecommunications industries. He is also Head of the Business Unit Travel worldwide for PASS Consulting Group. Michael started his professional career in 1993 at Siemens Mobile Germany as a developer for cordless phone systems. He soon was in charge for product development and strategic relationships with leading customers. Later he was responsible for both strategic market and trend analysis for Siemens' cell phone network division and worked closely with the Siemens executive leadership team. In 2000, Michael Strauss joined PASS Germany, where he developed and managed the telecommunications division. In 2004 he was named CEO of PASS North America and at the same time Head of the Business Unit Travel. Since then Michael has been instrumental in scaling PASS's technology solutions while maintaining a culture of innovation within the company. Michael holds a Masters degree in Engineering and Information Technology from the Technical University of Munich.

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PASS Travel Technology Solutions – Multi GDS

PASS Travel Technology Solutions: PASS Consulting Group has just announced the full deployment of their Virtual Travel Organizer, also known as PASS VTO. PASS VTO provides travel agencies with the ability to evaluate and book travel options from GDS data or other sources from a single integrated screen.

PASS VTO offers dynamic packaging as part of a profiling function which allows the travel agent to instantly match the exact needs of the traveler. This means the agency has access to the most complete data filtered to the exact needs of the situation which saves the agency time while providing the best service and pricing to the customer. Continue reading 


Travel Technology Solutions by PASS Consulting

Next generation software development: Rather than re-invent the wheel all the time, PASS Consulting has the Software Factory, a modular system which facilitates fast, cost-effective development of new applications.

Modules come “off the shelf” with associated rules engines to ensure individual configurability. PASS Consulting also uses the Software Factory with its latest product, the PASS Virtual Travel Organizer (VTO) 2G, the modular system for IT applications in the travel industry. Continue reading 


Travel Market Solutions for Greater Independence

State-of-the-art presentation, open to other systems, developed with contemporary software: Travel Market Solutions from PASS Consulting equip the players in the travel industry with leading-edge applications.

Whether for travel agencies, airlines or booking platforms, PASS products give the travel industry greater independence in handling flights, hotels and rental cars compared to the traditional content and technology provider. Continue reading 


PASS Signs New Authorized Developer Agreement with Sabre Travel

PASS Consulting Corporation, a leading source for end-to-end technology and professional services for the travel industry, has signed a new Sabre Authorized Developer agreement.

As a result PASS is a Sabre Authorized third party developer for projects related to Sabre GDS connectivity. PASS XX/1 Multi-GDS / GNE – Hub is the high-performance transaction server platform to access any major CRS and GDS and makes such inventory available to clients through XML. Continue reading 


How to Retrieve a PNR (Passenger Name Record)

If you want to retrieve a PNR, Passenger Name Record, what are you going to do? Perhaps you aren’t a Travel Company or don’t really know about all the specific things going on in the Travel Market? Here you get more information about how to retrieve a PNR.

How can you retrieve a PNR? Let’s say you want to retrieve the PNR Data from different GDS Systems. For example when you want to check the quality of your bookings that have been made, perhaps you want to check if the corporate rules of your company have been held in the last bookings. Continue reading 


PASS XX/1 Multi-GDS Exchange Server – Easy Access to All GDS Systems

It is not just hospitality and travel companies which are interested in the XX/1 transaction server. Its multi-GDS capability means that it is the ideal product for automated quality assurance of large booking volumes.

PASS XX/1 Multi-GDS Exchange Server supplies the single point of entry to all global distribution systems (GDSs). What’s more, using modern technology PASS XX/1 Multi-GDS Exchange Server simultaneously integrates direct providers, low-cost airlines, back- office systems and proprietary product databases such as hotel programs. Continue reading 


Travel Technology Solutions by PASS Consulting Corporation

Innovation – mostly achieved by young and ambitious trendsetters – is lagging behind specifically in the travel industry. While some companies are hanging on to inherited market share, antiquated applications and traditional distribution channels, they are sure to miss the opportunities that change as well as talented young people can bring.

We create Synergies between the latest IT-Trends and your Requirements. We listen. Here at PASS Consulting our main focus is understanding your specific business to then create an IT-solution customized specifically for you – at the price of standard software. Our Travel World lets you fully determine which modules and features are vital to elevate your business to the next level.
Continue reading 


Travel Technology: An Insight by Michael Strauss

Michael Strauss replying to AA, Travelport and Amadeus about Travel Technology:

I’m honored for the many replies to my ideas. I thank Suzanne Ruben from American Airlines, Gordon Wilson from Travelport, Dwayne Ingram from Amadeus, Dennis Schaal from Travel Weekly and many more for their input on my comments. The intention was to start the discussion about the lack of innovation in the travel industry. The thoughts became however emphasized when the “last man standing” of the new entrant distributors was terminated by Sabre. Continue reading 


The Travel Industry: Only Those Open To Change Will Reap The Rewards

From a technological point of view, the travel industry is not the hunter, but the hunted. Innovations are neither fostered nor developed to the necessary extent. Suppliers, distributors, travel management companies, but also technology providers are partially to blame for this. However, new concepts can help the travel industry to reduce costs, master crises and offer better products.

The long term future of the travel industry is secure. Due to progressive globalization, the demand for mobility will continue to grow in the future as well, and video conferences will not change this. Continue reading