Airports: Biometric Technology for Border Management

Given increased international travel, advanced identity fraud methods and technically sophisticated terrorist and criminals it is important that governments continue to expand investment in border technology. For the last years, biometric technology has increasingly been used when it comes to identity management.

Biometric identification started with e-passports which typically include a digital image of the face and mostly another biometric identifier like a finger print. Continue reading 


Travel Booking Going Completely Mobile Soon?

With more than 50% of the public using in the US being smart phones and 3G networks, the basis for this travel booking scenario has already been established and time seems right for a complete switch of booking to users’ cell phones.

In addition the number of advantages of mobile booking tools seems to be infinite. Not only will users have more choices with regard to their used equipment. They will also be more independent in terms of time and location, being able to make changes on the go. Continue reading 


Google and Apple as Travel Revolutionists?

Apple has been reportedly working on an NFC-based (Near Field Communications) iPhone application called iTravel enabling airline check-in and baggage identification, advanced electronic ID, car rentals, hotel and airline reservations, etc.

After Google also announced in April to be in negotiations to acquire ITA Software there seem to be signs for a revolution in the travel sector. It seems like these giants of digital business want to conquer the travel market, however, in somewhat different ways. Continue reading 


Agent Desktop: Keyboard vs. Mouse

Agents do not want to give up the option of data entry and booking via the keyboard despite new graphical booking interfaces. The PASS graphical desktop interfaces for agents are designed for operation with and without a mouse.

Developments at Amadeus USA show the importance of taking agents’ usage habits into account in designing graphical interfaces: the company has postponed the rollout of its new “Amadeus One” agent desktop. Among other reasons, this was done because it became obvious that a graphical interface would be accepted by agents only if full operability was available via the keyboard. Continue reading 


The Effect Of The Economic Crisis On The (Asian) Travel Industry

After the economic crisis revealed in September 2008 the issues affecting the travel industry were already discussed at the ITB Berlin 2009 and many predictions were made.

Since the crisis is not over yet, it was also widely discussed during this year’s convention. Following Martin Buck’s contribution within the framework of the convention, that can be accessed through the summary “Trends and Issues in Global Tourism 2010”, this article addresses the influence of the financial crisis on travel and tourism in Asia. Continue reading 


GDS: Agent Desktops Seem To Be Inappropriate For Industry Conditions

Recently Sabre announced the launch of its next generation agent tool that will as expected offer multi-GDS access. With Amadeus (AmadeusOne) and Travelport (Universal Desktop) already offering a similar solution all three GDSs offer connections to each other’s hosts now. Constant Change Causes Difficulties For Industry Players

However, the given discontinuity of environment and volatility of the market caused by various mergers, political decisions and protectionism along with the economic downturns resulting in business travel budget cuts, make industry participants meeting new challenges. Continue reading 


Work & Play: The Apple iPad For Travel?

While on the road corporate travelers need to be able to access email, keep up with news and do research on the web, update and maintain websites and upload content to various platforms such as Flickr and Facebook. At first sight, the iPad appears to be the ideal on-the-go device for work and play.

Supposed to be an in-between solution of notebook and smart phone, the iPad could free travelers from the need to haul books, magazines and newspapers on their trips. But it is far more than an eBook reader. There are several reasons travelers might like to carry this lightweight electronic equipment while they are on the road and experts look at the iPad as the next big thing for mobile computing.
Continue reading 


Cloud Computing as an Opportunity for Big Changes in Travel Technology? (Part II)

Two possible ways the Cloud could Influence Technology Solutions for Travel. Cloud computing is not a new idea in the global sense, but it is not as widely recognized in the travel sector as it should be. There are different ways (described in the following in no particular order of importance) to affect travel as well as related technologies and businesses.

Cloud computing can replace applications, hardware and software traditionally used by travel agents, so that they can work online and are charged a license fee. Agents can benefit from the technology as it works on a pay-as-you-book basis that can be much more cost effective for companies during the years of recession. Continue reading 


Cloud Computing as an Opportunity for Big Changes in Travel Technology? (Part I)

With Google recently announcing the rollout of their long rumored and unofficially called “GDrive”, an extension of Google Docs which enables users to upload, store, organize and access any type of file virtually, the discussion about cloud computing, (which lately was already gathering dust), becomes worth talking about again.

In combination with shared folders, Google provides users with the ability of secure and easy collaboration on online files by storing them in the cloud. Its forerunner Google Wave already changes the direction away from people thinking, ‘This is my PC, and this is my hard drive,‘ to ’this is how I interact with the web. Continue reading 


Our Top Five Augmented Reality Browsers for Travel

In response to a couple of latest opinions on and due to increasing interest in Augmented Reality (AR) in general this article sets out a list of recently launched applications which are already quite widespread and rejoice in a relatively broad user group.

Theoretically, all is ‘reality’ and all can be augmented with meta-data, but what is an understandable definition? Wikipedia (01/05/2010) defines Augmented Reality (AR) according to Paul Milgram and Fumio Kishino (1994) as “a continuum that spans from the real environment to a pure virtual environment”. Continue reading 


Trend-Setting Opportunities in Tourism at The PhoCusWright Conference

At The PhoCusWright Conference in Orlando on November 17-19 global travel executives came together to discover and debate on the latest trends and opportunities in travel, tourism and hospitality.

A huge variety of innovative travel solutions, technologies, and mobile apps were demonstrated which are expected to significantly impact travel planning distribution and purchasing.

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SwiftTrip, LLC Signs 5-Year Agreement with PASS Consulting to Access Multi-GDS Content

PASS Consulting Corporation today announced that it has signed a 5-year agreement with The Travel Authority (TTA) and its subsidiary SwiftTrip, LLC, a software development company owned by TTA, Passageways Travel, and Morris Murdock Travel The Travel Authority is a leading provider of travel management services and online booking programs.

PASS Consulting is specialized in providing superior technology solutions and services and is a recognized industry innovator in the competitive business travel marketplace. Continue reading 


PASS Consulting Successfully Supplies nuTravel with GDS-Connectivity

Under a multiyear agreement, nuTravel has been using Travel Technology Provider PASS Consulting to access GDS inventory via its certified XX/1 multi-GDS transaction server.

In a recent interview with The Beat’s Jay Campbell, nuTravel President & CEO Carmine Carpanzano pointed out the importance of pooling resources with third party technology providers in order for businesses to be cost-effective.
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PASS is Technology Provider for American Airlines Direct Connect

By providing a direct link into the host reservation system, among others, American Airlines provides direct connectivity to shopping and pricing facilities, booking, ticketing and post ticketing servicing transactions through Farelogix.

The AA Direct Connect provides technical flexibility in order to ensure enhanced offerings and customized services. Flexibility in adapting its delivery of optional services, based on changing customer demands, instead of being static by only collaborating with antiquated GDSs is the most important step towards the desired product presentation and innovation. Continue reading 


The World Travel Awards – Winners Are Determined

As the premier global Award of that kind, The World Travel Awards promotes excellence honoring the leader in the travel industry with trophies in all areas of the industry and all over the world. Since 1994 the winners are setting benchmarks in tourism to which all others aspire.

Excellence in over 1000 categories

On a global level the best of the best are celebrated each year in 1012 categories including but not limited to the following: Continue reading 


PASS Consulting Broadens Relationship with BCD Travel

PASS Consulting and BCD Travel, the world’s third-largest travel management company, today announced a broadened relationship that expands BCD Travel’s capability to offer speech-recognition services, route calls to agents with specialized skills and offer other services that lower costs and boost efficiency for corporate travel programs.

Under the multiyear renewal agreement, BCD Travel is using the PASS XX/1 Multi-GDS Hub as a supplier gateway for its transactional platform, called the Source Platform.

Continue reading 


TMCs Recent Developments and Future Directions

What do business travelers – the backbone of corporations – really need from their TMCs? What if the cost is almost down to nothing? Where does trend end – when we have to bring our own seat along with our own headset? What about innovation?

It seems like TMCs have been judged whether they own processes such as booking or fulfillment capabilities, people, facilities, global operations, etc. With new technology however everything mentioned before – even people – is exchangeable. Continue reading 


NBTA 2009 Summary By PASS Consulting

PASS Consulting Corporation, a leading source of end-to-end technology and services and a recognized industry innovator in the competitive business travel marketplace, successfully presented their Travel Technology Solutions for the fifth year at the 2009 NBTA Convention in San Diego.

With more than 400 exhibiting companies and over 5,600 corporate travel professionals attending, the NBTA Convention is the most recognized trade show in Business Travel. Continue reading 


Successful Travel Management with PASS Solutions

The PASS XX/1 transaction server offers access to all GDSs (Amadeus, Sabre, Abacus, Galileo/Apollo/Worldspan) as standard.

If required, XX/1 will also use alternative distribution channels, thus completing our product range withprices obtained directly from the airlines, hotels, rental car companies, railways and evenWeb fares. Providers of travel content thushave convenient access to the entire range oftravel products and services on offer via a singleinterface. Thus XX/1 displays the various data formats of the individual distribution systems via a uniform interface that uses the industry standard XML.

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